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What do we offer?


Personal training


For whatever reason, you may be thinking of working with a personal trainer: to increase your fitness levels, lifestyle change, fat loss, or to become more toned and increase strength, maybe that extra motivational push accompanied with a one to one session is what you are looking for.

At LC Fitness & Nutrition we are here to build your confidence week by week, with bespoke sessions to suit your exercise goals. Taking the first steps to get in touch is a great achievement in itself.

Training with someone you feel completely comfortable with and knowing they will push you safely to achieve your goals is paramount.  Life is too short not to laugh out loud and exercise is great for lifting your mood. Personal training sessions are fun, focussed and functional.

“The body is designed to move”


Advice & 5:2 Nutrition Plan

5-2 Plan mealsAre you looking to lose weight, lift mood, sleep better, want answers to those aches and pains and mood swings?

Supporting our bodily systems with the right nutrition is vitally important to optimal health and well being. The body is working continuously every second of every day to support good health.  Assisting the body and it’s internal filtration system is where it all starts. Find out more about how we can help with nutrition advice.

Our NEW 5-2 Plan is a great addition for busy people on the go that want to get their health back on track. With 3 different option packages, including a choice or juices/blends and/or meals and soups. The plan meals will arrive frozen and with fresh salads. Find out more:

Juicing service

Purchase our juice

LC Juicing

Hydration is key to our overall health and well being.  We are living organisms and 80% water.  Juicing can provide a high level of hydration with the added benefit of living nutrients that support all our bodily functions.

Our built in filtration system is amazing at filtering and cleaning up.  Over time it can become overburdened with the excess of the modern day diet and the external environment we live in.

Almost all the nutrients our bodily systems require can be found in the juice of raw fruits and vegetables.

Juicing is an excellent way to hydrate, reboot, and reset your body’s equilibrium.


Learn about juicing

Juicing Workshops are a fabulous way to become informed with what, how, and most importantly why to juice:

  • The health benefits are endless
  • We debunk the myths from the truths
  • Spend a couple of hours with like minded people, sharing tips, ideas, and information
  • Sample the great taste of pure live vitamin water

These workshops run on a three monthly basis, will you be joining us at the next one?


Louise Cottingham

A few words from Louise:

“I have been in the health and well being industry since 2002, and it’s totally in my blood.  A favourite motto of mine is:

You have one vessel, treat it with care

After having my son in 1996, I wanted to be in the best shape inside and out; to be able to keep up with the fast pace life as a mum. It was during this time that I felt I wanted to help others too, and so my journey began.

I became a fitness and group exercise instructor and Personal Trainer in 2002.  As time moved on, I knew there was so much more I wanted to do. This led me to gain my qualifications as a Nutrition Specialist in 2012, followed by becoming a Natural Juice Therapist in 2017.

Living in the beautiful New Forest is so special to me. I love being outdoors with my border collie, also taking my classes and personal training sessions outside too.

Personal training, running fitness classes and nutrition courses alongside my juice service business certainly keep me busy.

Working with my clients and seeing them achieve their fitness and health goals is very rewarding.  Receiving a testimonial that blood pressure has reduced, or being able to fit into those jeans, experiencing mental clarity for maybe the first time, it’s fantastic – the list here is endless.  My clients truly are the force that drives me and there is always plenty of fun along the way too.”

LC Fitness and Nutrition offers:

  • Personal training
  • Eight week nutritional programs
  • Fitness classes
  • Juicing Workshops
  • Juicing service selling cold pressed juices

LC Juicing service

Juicing is certainly by no means anything new, it’s been around since the early 1900’s with pioneers like Norman Walker, who invented the Norwalk cold press juicer, in which he used at his Cancer clinics in Arizona. Healing his patients with great success. What does happen is we get caught up in the latest fad, and we are on to the next and so on. It’s juicing today gone tomorrow. So...take a look at our juicing pages and learn how juices can really benefit your life...

Retreat Days: A day for you

‘A day for you’ is exactly what the retreat days are about. Time to enjoy a day of pure self care and indulgence. Time away from family, work, busy schedules. Enjoy woodland walking, a fitness class, yoga and meditation. Time away from the excess of the modern diet, replacing it with, for one day, delicious cold pressed juice, a gorgeous salad lunch and so much more.