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Whether you have a little fat loss to address, to tone up, or generally want to improve your overall fitness levels, I am here to help you with just that

What is Personal Training?

Personal training is just what it says: a one to one session devised just for you. It can be a scary time, taking your health and well being into your hands and taking that first step to ask for help.

In a one to one environment, we set small exercise goals that are achievable to your fitness level taking the pressure off, so you can enjoy the journey, alongside great results.

Why Enlist a Personal Trainer?

There are many reasons:

  • You may need some guidance on the best form of exercise you should be doing.
  • You may lack self motivation.
  • You may have been referred by your health professional.
  • You may just prefer that one two one approach.

Whatever your reason, it’s a great place to start your journey to a new you, or maybe just getting back on track.

Here at LC Fitness and Nutrition, I offer a friendly professional service, reaching your exercise goals.

The sessions are confidential, fun and bespoke to each and every individual client.

To function we need to move freely through all three planes of movement.  A three dimensional exercise approach to the session with a core focus is vitally important to whole body balance.

Your training session:

After an initial consultation, a typical training session comprises:

Mobilisation warm up

Bespoke devised program

Assisted developmental flexibility phase

Myofascial release (foam rolling)


I am currently offering virtual classes:

Zoom Fitness Class – £5 per session (this includes all the household)

Personal Training Sessions – £110 for 4 sessions

N.B. These are only available until the current lockdown restrictions are lifted.

FREE 30 minute no obligation consultation

Pay as you go one session – £50

Block of four sessions – payable in advance – £139

All fees are non-refundable

What is Myofascial release & WHY foam rolling?

For various reasons including disuse, not enough stretching or injuries, the fascia and underlying muscle tissue can become stuck together. These are called adhesions and result in restricted muscle movement, plus they can be sore and painful!

Foam rolling is a great way to end a session feeling relaxed after a hard workout, but it helps with softening and lengthening of the fascia and breaking down scar tissue or adhesions between skin, muscle and bones.

Plus it can improve mobility allowing you to move more freely.

Fitness & Nutrition bundle

FREE 30 minute no obligation consultation

Block of four personal training sessions & eight week Nutrition plan – £450

Non refundable

LC Fitness classes are fun, hard work, and a very social environment to be in: