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The LC Approach to Nutrition

LC Fitness and Nutrition designed approach to nutritional support programs is based on introducing productive foods that heal and nourish the body while reducing foods that are unproductive to our health and well being. This looks at creating a more alkaline internal environment reducing overall inflammation, to help prevent and reduce most lifestyle disease. This will be approached using medical medium aka Anthony Williams suggested healing protocols.  Emphasising on liver support.

Working together in a one to one environment for eight weeks builds trust and confidence. Knowing that you have support throughout the eight week plan and someone with you all the way helps you to stay motivated.  As the small weekly dietary changes start to become habitual, you will be able to see immediate results such as an improvement with digestive problems, lower blood pressure, have more energy, and the results will continue.

The 8 week plan

Our 8 week Nutrition Plan comprises weekly 1hr 15 minute appointments together:


Introduction: Toxicity and Deficiency

  • Diet recall: a detailed account of your eating habits in a 24hr period
  • Circadian cycles: what is happening internally daily inside our bodies
  • Knowing your goals
  • Improving your eating habits
  • Suggested 3-day juice reboot, with recipes included, or juices made by me are available to purchase
  • Diet intake sheets: research shows that if we make a log of what we are eating we can exercise more control


What makes a good diet

  • Nutritional change


  • Nutritional change


Planning for small changes

  • Nutritional change


FREE 30 minute no obligation consultation

£520 per 8-week program. This includes 8 x 1hr 15 min Zoom appointments once a week and email support throughout each week.
In-person appointments are now available too.

Non refundable

Nutrition and Fitness bundles – 10% off

8 week Nutrition plan and 8 week Personal Training:
Bundle price £730


Planning for a hectic lifestyle

  • Nutritional change


Increasing physical activity

  • Nutritional change


Self control techniques

  • Nutritional change


Continuing your success!