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Assist your body’s natural self healing abilities with freshly extracted juice from fruit and vegetables, as nature intended

LC Fitness & Nutrition raw juice service

Juicing, let’s be honest, can be messy, and time consuming.  You may be looking to incorporate raw juice into your days but just can’t get your head around it just now.

Let me give you the best of both worlds, taking away the mess, give back your precious time, and make your delicious nutritious juices or blends for you, with 10% off your first order, maybe it’s starting to seem like a reality after all.

Nutrients like vitamins, minerals, live enzymes, plant protein, and carbohydrates from freshly extracted raw cold pressed juice will hit and drench your cells within minutes rather than hours, digesting juice is quick, unlike when we digest food.


Call 07582 717 689 or email Louise

Placing an order couldn’t be easier.  Place an order by 4pm on a Monday for a delicious FREE delivery to suit any time from Friday.

(Please note that collections are currently unavailable).

Full payment is required when you place an order – this is non-refundable.  If anything is not to standard, I will endeavour to rectify the problem.

About our bottles

All bottles and lids are PET plastic 100% recyclable – no use of BPA (Bisphenol) and yours to keep. So please recycle or upcycle.

Please note: Our bottles are NOT suitable for hot liquids and are NOT dishwasher proof.

DISCOUNT FOR BOTTLE RETURN - you will need to purchase a couple of times to have a rotation of bottles - a great ‘green’ step forward too

Good to know...

The amount of juice may vary slightly due to size of fruit and vegetables and on defrosting.

Levels may vary, please be aware that a space for freezing expansion will apply.

Organic produce will be used where possible – if not, locally source produced will be used.

Keep your juice cool

All juice and blends will be frozen.

Extra juice/blend combinations:

Green Kick (apple, spinach, lime, celery, cucumber, ginger, pineapple, avocado)
Energiser (pineapple, spinach, cucumber, courgette, fennel, sugar snap peas, lime)
Vegetable Blend (apple, spinach, kale, lemon, celery, cucumber, broccoli, avocado)
Beetroot Surprise (pineapple, carrot, beetroot, ginger, basil)
Crunchy Berries (apple, mixed berries, vegan yoghurt, banana, mixed seeds)
Refresher (apple, pear, cucumber, spinach, broccoli, lime)
Super Blend (apples, spinach, carrots, lime, courgette, cucumber, broccoli, celery, green pepper, avocado)
Sunshine Orange (orange, carrot, ginger, mint)
Smooth Blackberry  (apple, carrot, beetroot, blackberries)
Sweet Parsnip (apple, pear, parsnip, lime, mint)
Pink Power (pineapple, apple, celery, beetroot, lime, cucumber, avocado, banana)

LC Raw Juice

Ginger shot

Apple & ginger

Powerful anti inflammatory, and antibiotic great all year round to help keep you free from coughs and cold, absolute must for the hay fever sufferers


We are now offering a choice of organic or non organic juices and blends. Prices from:

Ginger & Turmeric shot  – 100ml: Organic: £2.42

Small Juice – 330ml:
Organic: £5.90 / Non organic £4.30

Large Juice – 500ml:
Organic £8.20 / Non organic £6.50

Small blend – 330ml:
Organic £6.50 / Non organic £4.95

Large blend – 500ml:
Organic £9.40 / Non organic £7.50

Celery juice – 500ml: Organic £6.60

Turmeric shot

Apple, lemon, turmeric & ginger

Very powerful anti inflammatory due to the curcumin – anti Cancer – well worth a daily shot for any type of ache or pain anywhere in the body

Order your juice now - call 07582 717 689

or email

UK delivery service now available

Orders in by 4pm Wednesday for following Monday delivery

Reboot Plans

Further information

Please see my downloadable information sheet on what to expect and how to prepare for our Reboot plans:

Healthy  ‘fast food’  – instant nutrition on the go!


We are now offering a choice of organic or non-organic juices and blends

Reboot 3 day plan:

3 x ginger shot + 2 x herbal teabags + 1 fresh lemon

Prices from:
500ml x 13:
Organic – £114 / Non organic – £98

Reboot 5 day plan:

5 x ginger shot + 2 herbal teabags + 1 fresh lemon

Prices from:
500ml x 20:
Organic – £169 / Non organic – £155

Reboot 7 day plan:

7 x ginger shot + 2 herbal teabags + 1 fresh lemon

Prices from:
500ml x 28:
Organic – £236 / Non organic – £213

Mineral Green

Apple, pear, spinach, kale, broccoli stalk, cucumber, celery, & lime

Powerful alkaline juice, great for hydration, lowering inflammation, easing joint pain, a great all round body builder

Beetroot magic

Beetroot, carrot, lemon, yellow pepper, ginger, apple & parsnip

Great blood builder and intestinal cleaner, energy booster

Avocado blend

Avocado, apple, spinach, courgette, lime, carrot, cucumber, broccoli stalk & celery

Good quality fat, plant protein, carbohydrate. This Juice/blend will be light on digestion, giving you that extra energy boost, keeping you well fuelled

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