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An alternative to dairy milk

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Today’s post is a simple, tasty, alternative to dairy milk.

Dairy is one of the most mucus forming foods, the problem being that it is a fabulous fuel for pathogens and virus that reside inside us, which cause havoc to our health.  It’s quite crazy, humans are the only species that consume another species milk.

It’s a complete misconception that we need to consume dairy to make sure we get enough calcium in our diets.  Did you know that nearly all fruit and vegetables contain calcium!

Oranges contain a vast amount, and the calcium found in fruit and vegetables is more bio available to our systems.  Meaning easily absorbed, with not a sniff of acidic inflammatory problems occurring, like when we consume dairy.

The problem, once we reach the age of approximately three or four years, we no longer produce the enzyme lactase, needed to break down milk sugar lactose.  So in effect we consume a food product that our systems can not cope with, and provide food for a whole host of internal viruses and bacteria, (that we actually should be trying to move out of our systems through other protocols), causing a host of health problems.

This super simple, super quick oat milk is just one alternative to dairy milk.

All you need is some, preferably gluten free, Oats, a jug, a muslin cloth, and some filtered water.

Just a quick note, on the gluten free oats.  Oats are actually gluten free, but because the factories they are handled and packaged in, also handle, other gluten grains, so cross contamination occurs.  So if you can, purchase gluten free, as gluten is another food that feeds pathogens and viruses, causing inflammatory problems.

  • Add oats to blender and blend
  • Add filtered water
  • Place muslin cloth over glass jug
  • Pour milk through muslin
  • Store in the fridge

One last tip, stir milk well before each serving, as the oat mixture will separate.