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The benefits of eating oranges

Good morning everyone!

Oranges and tangerines are in season.  I absolutely love them, more importantly they love me! I can eat one after another, and I do.

It’s such a shame many people underestimate the power of this fruit.

Back in the day when people lived in Northern climates, people were very deficient in vitamin C.  Vegetables were scarce not to mention fruit, pretty non existent.

If there was any fruit it went to the riches first!

Oranges back then were hard to come by, so if anyone did come by any they were very thankful for this miracle fruit.  These days we have been quite wrongly, and sadly, been brainwashed into shunning not just oranges, but all fruit with the sugar scare mongering.

Oranges, clementines, tangerines, etc, are particularly good for our health, packed full of chronic health healing phytonutrients like glutathione and limonoids, that fight off viruses, protect your system from radiation damage, and deactivate toxic heavy metals.

Packed full of bioactive Calcium, the body is able to absorb this calcium instantly, in return help regrow teeth, the protective acid they contain dissolve kidney stones and gall stones.

The sugar in oranges, as other fruits, is attached to vitamins and minerals, fibre and nature’s organic water, it’s not processed or artificial, it is natural and healing to our system, promoting good health and well being.

Think twice next time you walk past the fruit section, worrying about your sugar consumption.

Grab a box or two of tangerines this Christmas and indulge!

Have a great weekend

Louise x