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Look after your liver!

Good morning everyone

I absolutely love these crisp bright winter mornings.  Certainly starts to get me into the Christmas spirit. 🎄

Enjoying life, keeping in good health, spending time with family friends is what it’s all about.

If we start to decline in health these wonderful things we enjoy can be affected massively.

We are blinded with incorrect information about sugar, avoiding eating fruit, and focusing on overloading our systems with high protein high fat diets in a quest for optimal health.

Yes, you can feel energised, look super toned and slim, generally feel this is definitely the way to go, I’ve been there.  Do you know what, the Liver even when sluggish and stagnant main objective is to keep you alive.  So until it really starts to become impaired beyond this, assistance from our adrenals will kick in.  Then from there, serious symptoms and conditions start to arise.

The irony is firstly, the Liver and Brain first go to source of fuel is glucose (sugar), everyday we eat high protein which equates to high fat foods.  Starving our systems of healing nutrients from whole fruit and starchy vegetables. Whole fruits and vegetables contain live nutrients, fibre, and most importantly vitamin water, exactly what heals and feeds our systems.

Of course we may see an improvement in our health by removing all Frankenstein processed foods, and fake sugars, in all their different forms, but replacing these fake foods with high fat foods is not the answer.

The problem is eating high levels of fat combined with sugar, it’s actually catastrophic to our health.  But trends are followed like gospel.  We truly are heading for a fall later, as the bombardment of all fats has a drastic effect on the functionality of our Liver, Brain, and Heart.

Blood is pumped around the body to the heart after the Liver has cleaned it up of impurities, then it returns again, a cycle that is happening all the time, same blood, same body.

What’s the problem, this is the Liver’s main role, to release bile when we eat fat to break down the volume in the blood, you may ask?  The problems start when at each meal we are consuming high levels of fat and sugar together, this unfortunately whether it’s good or bad fats and processed or natural sugar is where the problems arise.

The Liver needs for its survival, a steady flow of glucose, uninterrupted by the onslaught of fat with the glucose, this then will hydrate and strengthen your Liver, but the minute fat and sugar hit the system together, it’s straight into work mode of releasing bile from the gallbladder to break down the fat in the blood keeping it as clean as possible for the blood to flow through the system to the heart and brain without any problems.

Day in day out, this process puts an almighty strain on the Liver, starved from glucose and with impaired function, it can’t clean the blood so efficiently over time, this is then when the term ‘dirty blood’ syndrome is apparent in many of us.  Increasing the risk of many health conditions and uncomfortable symptoms.

If your diet is high fat try to reduce your overall fat consumption, whether it be plant fats or animal fats.  Keep the morning fat free, and of high water content foods like fruit, fruit smoothies, and green juices like celery and leafy green mixes, lemon water.

Please don’t misunderstand me, we need some fat, for protecting our organs, insulation, transporting various vitamins through our systems.  But not the colossal amount that we consume at every meal!

Snack on fruit and keep your meat and fish to one serving a day, Avocados are healthy but if you eat three a day reduces it to one, cut down on nut butters, avoid dairy or at least try to cut down, increase your overall fruit and vegetable consumption.  Eat Critical carbohydrates (apples, pears, melon, etc, all vegetables) often on their own, so you can support the most important organ in the body.

The Liver is responsible for keeping the pancreas, kidneys, brain, and heart free from problems.

Look after your life saving Liver.

There is so much more on this.  If this post written in my words was of interest to you, I invite to purchase and read in to much more depth the wonderful life changing information that Anthony Williams is giving us in his amazing books that I am studying daily and implementing his life changing strategies into my clients health regimes, I have to say with great success.

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